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Suosheng Wang's Research

Suosheng Wang, Ph.D., recently published a study, An Inquiry into Country Image Components and Their Effects on Perceived Destination Image and Travel Intentions. 

Wang indicates a literature review shows the rationale of product-country-image concept has rarely been applied in travel destination image analysis. Such studies used to examine the country image one-dimensionally and failed to explore the separate functions of country image’s cognitive and affective components. This study is designed to fulfil this gap.

Grounded in the attitude theory, a comprehensive predicting model of people’s travel intentions with the inclusion of the cognitive country image components and affective country image components is proposed and empirically tested. Theoretical contributions and managerial implications are discussed.


Suosheng Wang (2020) An inquiry into country image components and their effects on perceived destination image and travel intentions, Tourism Recreation Research, DOI: 10.1080/02508281.2020.1796341